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Contact Grill Oven Bags

An innovative product, the Contact Grill Ovenbag is a heat-resistant, fat-rejecting side gusset bag developed for preparing food in contact grills,
conventional ovens and microwave ovens. With a certificate of compliance for food safety for printing, this product offers endless marketing opportunities.

From the display counter, to the contact grill or oven, to the customer ready to eat - this a hygienic, cost-effective product with easy handling.

~ HYGIENIC - No cross-contamination and eliminates unnecessary handling of food.
~ SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY - Cost-effective and convenient.
~ COOK FROM FROZEN - The paper can go from the freezer to the conventional oven, microwave  or contact grill.
~ GREASE-REPELLENT - No food leakage through the paper and keeps your equipment clean.
~ COMPOSTABLE - The paper is compostable.
~ PAPER - 100% certified for food safety.

Comes in a variety of sizes and colours.  Ask for a sample.