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Cafetto Milk Frother Cleaner Blue

Milk Frother Cleaner is designed to remove milk residues from milk lines, frothers and parts on automatic coffee machines. Designed for milk lines and automatic milk frothers.



Cafetto S15 Cleaning Tablets

Specialist cleaning tablets formulated to provide targeted dissolution times and exceptional cleaning for selected super-automatic espresso machines. Designed for Breville, De Longi, Macco, Miele, Saeco, Schaerer, SCS, Solis, Stentorfield.

100 Tablets.


Cafetto F20 Cleaning Tablets

F20 tablets are designed to safely and completely remove coffee oils and residues from the brewing group of selected super-automatic espresso machines. Designed for Faema, Franke, Gaggia, La Cimbali, Swiss Egros.

100 Tablets.


Cafetto Inverso

Cafetto Inverso features a unique blend of ingredients that remove dried on milk residues from milk jugs, pitchers and steam wands. Inverso is also a brilliant crockery restorer, cleaning and de-staining heavily soiled and browned crockery.

Soak jugs or crockery in sink or bucket using 1 scoop per 10 litres of warm to hot water if soiling is heavy; or 1 scoop per 20 litres if lightly soiled.   If de-staining only the inside of the jug use 1 heaped teaspoon in hot water.  Soak for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Easy, safe and economical.



Cafetto Espresso Clean

The premium espresso machine cleaner for professional espresso machines. Cafetto Espresso Clean has been tested by NSF and certified to protocol P152. This guarantees that Cafetto "Espresso Clean" will not taint the coffee and is not corrosive to the espresso machine. Designed for 3-way valve espresso machines.



Cafetto EVO Organic Espresso Cleaner

The premium cleaner for professional espresso machines using organic coffee. Cafetto EVO is OMRI listed as complying with the USDA National Organic Program requirements and BFA registered as complying with the requirements of the Australian Organic Standard. Designed for 3-way valve espresso machines.  



Cafetto Renew Descaler

Contains a synergistic blend of organic acids that give outstanding scale removal. Renew is Listed with NSF. It has been tested, evaluated and passed the most stringent toxicology and corrosivity standards.

The ingredients and formulation of Renew are safe, leave no harmful residues and do not cause corrosion within the coffee machine. Safe to use on aluminium, brass and stainless steel. Designed for espresso machines, boilers and coffee brewers and can also be used in kettles, urns and bain-maries.

6 x 25g sachets.


Brita Purity C-150

Specially developed for use in the food service industry, and catering and vending sectors. PURITY C Quell ST filter cartridges reduce the carbonate hardness in drinking water, thereby preventing scale deposits in the appliance.

Areas of application:
- Coffee machines
- Vending machines


Omnipure K2386 JJ Water Filter

The K2386-JJ Omnipure inline phosphate water filter is designed for use in ice makers, refrigerators, drinking fountains or coffee equipment. For up to six months, this filter will help ensure your water quality remains high by significantly reducing contaminants and impurities like chlorine and limescale. Features 1/4 inch Quick-Connect fittings so filter replacement can be done quickly without the use of tools.


BWT Bestmax

BWT bestmax is a simple, practical, all-round filtration solution developed for the diverse requirements of the food service sector. It provides superb quality water for a full coffee taste, is also ideally suited for use in vending equipment and produces perfect, pure steam for ovens and combi steamers. The new High Efficiency Technology (HET) provides even more effective water optimisation, resulting in a consistently high water quality for hot and cold drinks, kitchens, bakeries and all food and baked goods.


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