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Quick Cafe

Quick Cafe offers the choice of machines for your office, salon or shop. Provide your staff and clients with convenient, café-quality coffees and hot chocolates at the push of a button. Alternatively install a machine with coin facility and earn money from sales!  These machines are easy to clean and maintain and very easy to use.

We have a range of quality vending and automatic machines suitable for every size office, retail outlets, salons or busy mining organisations and accommodation villages. CSP has a prominent place in the mining region of Moranbah and the Bowen Basin region.

Quick Cafe Supplies:
Premium Coffee beans
Freeze Dried Coffee
Premium Powdered Milk
Chocolate and Bondi Chai vending powders
BioPak coffee cups, lids, trays and other food service packaging
Biscuits, syrups, sugar sachets, coffee stirrers
Cleaning products

CSP first-class services:
Sales and Installation, Tech-Support, Repairs & Services, Training.  Marketing material available.

We are proud to partner with Caffco for our Quick Café beverage supplies.  They have developed a Socially Responsible approach to their business. The four key elements include:
- energy saving production processes,
- reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using green energy,
- employing people with disabilities
- use Rainforest Alliance certified beans thus transforming farming and business practices and consumer behaviour.

Whether you serve 10 or 200 coffees per day we have a coffee solution for your business. There are benefits of both powdered and fresh milk coffee machines and we can discuss your perfect solution by phone or email - obligation free.

HLF 1700 Fresh milk machine

Suitable for 1-50 people and 100+ cups a day.  Be the hero in your office for installing this beauty. Teamed with a milk fridge you will be enjoying barista style coffee at your desk every day of the week.

The innovative 7" touch screen is capable of playing videos and features an intuitive layout not only with 4-12 beverages but also during setting beverages ie have a small, medium and large setting per beverage.  It has a soluble powder canister for chocolate or chai.  Variable chamber brew unit 7-17gm ie get more caffeine per shot and you'll be upping your productivity.  High performance grinder with 63mm diameter blades means quicker performance.  The HLF features programmable automatic forced cleaning cycles so its very easy to maintain and hygienic.  1ltr stainless steel boiler.

We will deliver our Specialty Caffenation Coffee to your door.  So there you go!  No need to have a mobile van visit, send someone out for coffee or suffer instant coffee any longer.

The package includes a water filter and a milk fridge that can hold 2 x 2ltr bottles or 1 x 2ltr and 1 x 3ltr. Our technician will install and service your equipment when required.  One year parts and labour warranty.  .


Bianchi Gaia Touch

GAIA STYLE, automatic hot beverage dispenser, available both in espresso coffee from beans and instant beverages versions. This powdered milk machine has a small footprint but serves a great coffee.  Can be plumbed or tanked (3.6 litres). Easy to clean and fill with supplies.
Compatible with cashless systems, key or badge.  Great little machine for salons, offices, waiting rooms and crib rooms.  Compatible with telemetry systems means our technician can assist remotely when needed.


Miko SO5 and Breville Cafe Milk Frother

This package is an excellent coffee solution for small offices, beauty salons and hair dressers.  We've teamed up a Miko pod machine with a Breville milk frother which together makes delicious coffee and chocolate beverages.

Easy to use and easy to clean at a great price of $649!

CSP can deliver the MIKO pods and other supplies right to your door.



Krono offers the quickest delivery speed together with the well-established Necta technology. Its patented compact mixers produce excellent drinks, mixed well with perfect crema. For Krono productivity is also a strong point: the machine produces 180ml of water in 9 seconds or an exquisite 140ml cappuccino in only 11 seconds. Krono, which is entirely Made in Italy, is attractive, easy to use and perfect for rapid and optimal service management, ensuring a professional and consistent drink quality every time. Thanks to the Krono being popularly priced, it is possible to have more machines in the same location, multiplying dispensing points and therefore avoiding queues. CSP supplies freeze dried coffee, powdered milk, chocolate and chai for this unit.


Krea Bean To Cup Machine

Krea is the ideal solution for small/medium hotels, reception areas and locations where quality coffee, reliability and contemporary design are paramount. Benefitting from Necta's latest espresso brewing and instant freemix technology you can expect the best quality drinks all day long.

Krea is now available in a new version which can produce both espresso with a perfect creme and freshly brewed coffee.

The new brewer can work at different infusion pressures and has two separate outlets, one for espresso and one for regular coffee. You also have the option to deliver up to 250ml drinks in one shot.


Korinto Bean To Cup Machine

Compact, easy to use and extraordinarily versatile, the Korinto has all. A result of more than forty years of experience at Necta, the Korinto is a super-automatic hot beverage dispenser with highest quality components and sturdy materials that allow it to support heavy workloads.

The refined design and particularly user friendly interface make the Korinto ideal for any environment, such as hotels, B&B, club houses, restaurants, etc. Special versions have been developed for bars and coffee shops, due to its ability to dispense two cups of coffee at the same time.

Part of a long tradition of top of the range food and beverages solutions for N&W, Korinto possesses advanced technology that ensures exceptional performance, excellent drink quality and ease of operation.


KLM1601Pro Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

An excellent machine for small offices, salons, clubs and holiday parks. This machine is teamed up with a small milk fridge to produce a range of beverages at one touch: cappuccino, flat white, latte, espresso, etc. It has a patented brew unit system with auto-clean function and a built-in milk frother unit with auto-clean function.

The KLM1601 Pro has an intelligent PCBA control system with fault warning and information reminding function so its easy to use and easy to clean.  The hopper holds 750gm of coffee beans.

No need to send someone out for coffee, no need for disposable cups, no need for a coffee van to visit you.
Enjoy the aroma and taste of delicious fresh coffee at your workplace.  CSP will even deliver our Caffenation coffee beans to you for free on a regular basis.  

Phone 49421895 and speak with Andrea.  Be the hero in your office by installing this machine.


QuickCafe Obsession Coffee

Mild acidity and medium to full body, our Obsession blend has the sweet tastes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla while boasting a toasted malt and spiced fruit aroma. A very popular blend amongst CSP happy customers.

Available in 1kg and 6 x 1kg


QuickCafe Feva Coffee

Mild acidity and medium to soft body, Feva provides for delicious flavours of milk, chocolate and caramel, with the sweet scent of toasted nuts and sweet fruit.

Available in 1kg and 6 x 1kg


Premium Freeze Dried Coffee

Sourced from high grade manufacturers, our Premium Freeze Dried Coffee offers excellent body, balanced flavour and rich aromas. This product has been designed to perform well in the Krono bean to cup machine allowing fast dissolving times and great mouth feel when mixed with CSP milk and chocolate vending products.

Available in cartons of 10 x 250gm


Premium Vending Milk

This vending product is one of the best on the market today.  Specifically formulated for vending machines this product tastes great and performs well.  The powder mixes and flows well ensuring less breakdowns of machines,  consistency of the final beverage and minimal residue in the cup.  The unusually high levels of protein offer superior frothing action ensuring that every beverage is finished with a creamy layer of milk foam.

Available in 1kg bags or cartons.


Premium Chocolate Blend

Our Premium Vending Chocolate is a lusciously flavourful product designed to perform well in a range of settings including vending & cafes.

Available in 1kg bags or cartons.


Bondi Chai Vending Powder

Discover the spice of life with Bondi Chai club cinnamon creamy tea latte. Australia's most awarded chai.

Available in 1kg bags.


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