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HLF 1700 Fresh milk machine

Suitable for 1-50 people and 100+ cups a day.  Be the hero in your office for installing this beauty. Teamed with a milk fridge you will be enjoying barista style coffee at your desk every day of the week.

The innovative 7" touch screen is capable of playing videos and features an intuitive layout not only with 4-12 beverages but also during setting beverages ie have a small, medium and large setting per beverage.  It has a soluble powder canister for chocolate or chai.  Variable chamber brew unit 7-17gm ie get more caffeine per shot and you'll be upping your productivity.  High performance grinder with 63mm diameter blades means quicker performance.  The HLF features programmable automatic forced cleaning cycles so its very easy to maintain and hygienic.  1ltr stainless steel boiler.

We will deliver our Specialty Caffenation Coffee to your door.  So there you go!  No need to have a mobile van visit, send someone out for coffee or suffer instant coffee any longer.

The package includes a water filter and a milk fridge that can hold 2 x 2ltr bottles or 1 x 2ltr and 1 x 3ltr. Our technician will install and service your equipment when required.  One year parts and labour warranty.  .