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KLM1601Pro Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

An excellent machine for small offices, salons, clubs and holiday parks. This machine is teamed up with a small milk fridge to produce a range of beverages at one touch: cappuccino, flat white, latte, espresso, etc. It has a patented brew unit system with auto-clean function and a built-in milk frother unit with auto-clean function.

The KLM1601 Pro has an intelligent PCBA control system with fault warning and information reminding function so its easy to use and easy to clean.  The hopper holds 750gm of coffee beans.

No need to send someone out for coffee, no need for disposable cups, no need for a coffee van to visit you.
Enjoy the aroma and taste of delicious fresh coffee at your workplace.  CSP will even deliver our Caffenation coffee beans to you for free on a regular basis.  

Phone 49421895 and speak with Andrea.  Be the hero in your office by installing this machine.